Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Little Congress That Couldn't

I was going to put this on Facebook, but then I remembered I have a blog, where all my opinions go. Facebook is where opinions go to die.

Dear Congress:

If I left my job, such as it is--and I actually find myself desperately scrambling for a chance to work--I would be fired. That's right, fired. In the real world, the world you so blithely left behind in favor of your conclave on the Mount, if you leave a job, quit and walk away, you get fired.

You don't get paid for the time you don't work, and you don't get to come back in on Monday.

That's right. I just signed the petition hoping you don't get paid for the time that the rest of the United States government employees are on furlough.

But I feel like this could stand to be taken a step further. After all, why should Congressional representatives, who left us all hanging so they could stand stubbornly together to make a point, get to resume business as usual? They quit, walked their shift. When that happens at any place of business, even government jobs, the managers start looking for replacements. What Congress seems to have forgotten is that we, The People, are the managers. For so long Congress foolishly believed itself in charge of The People. I believe it is time for Congress to be as brutally disillusioned of that fact as it seems to think we have all been brutally disillusioned by their craptastic attempts to return the United States to the Dark Ages.

What I want to make abundantly clear is that I'm not an Anarchist. I'm not talking coups, or upheavals, or riots in the street. I'm talking good old fashioned write-ups and termination. As half-decent managers of our own well-being as American citizens--well the vast majority of us anyway--I feel like we've put up with a lot from The Republican Party. They talk nonsense when they should be working; they seem to lack even the basics of real world experience that would lend them even a shred of empathy for the people they supposedly serve; they are constantly taking breaks and showing up late, won't wear their hats straight, and they seem to think they speak for the general populous when they  have been so far removed from the troubles of daily life for their constituents that they speak words, but all we hear is mindless drivel. They have infringed on the rights of women, discriminated against the poor by refusing to regulate health insurance companies, and they've sided with the enemies by allowing drug rackets and human traffickers to hide behind lobbyists. They treat minorities as criminalized others instead of human beings, forsaking everything this country was founded on and the dream that so many immigrants hope to find in a country that wavers on the brink of being as cursed as the other imaginary countries in the world with socialized medicince whose economies are failing.

But I digress.

I don't consider myself political, you know, unless someone's burning books or eating people. Generally I don't care. Employed in the private sector with no stake in anything at the moment, one might wonder what I've even got to complain about. I mean, all I do is work so I can eat every day and help my boyfriend through some hard times. I pay taxes into the system that supports state-runned and federal programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security just like everyone else--

Oh that's right.

The money I make is taxed to pay for all of these things in a government that just walked off the clock and didn't find anyone to cover their shift. I can't afford health insurance because I make too much money for government aid, but can't afford to pay the robber-barons' premiums, yet The Republican Party has made this bothersome decision for me by grinding the Affordable Care Act into the dust, where it's useless to everyone except themselves and the health insurance companies who rally behind their army of lobbyists. I have been ill for days with no way to see a doctor, and I'm not the only one who's suffering. However, Congress expects us to not only continue to contribute to their paychecks, but to turn a blind eye when they feel like they're done with their little charade and let them walk right back to the Mount like nothing has happened.

I suppose I should come to my point. If you have gotten through this blog post and are not yourself very angry, then there is something wrong with you. Or you just don't care. I've heard of such. I myself am quite angry. Nothing makes me more angry than knowing money is being wasted on the useless rabble. You know, Congress. And as for the Democratic party. What's that, why are you being blamed as well? Be wary of the company you keep.

Long story short for those who didn't read all of it: when it comes to the American people, Congress really has no idea who they're dealing with. A few good men with muskets and cannons spanked one government and left it mewling on the other side of the Atlantic while the Continental Congress shuffled it's feet and dissembled.What in the world makes Congress think we should let it come back when it walked away of it's own volition?

Great One, you hear the cry of Congress, but like the Egyptians before them, they would cry louder if they had to make the bricks. Empires aren't built by emperors, but on the backs of slaves. What happened in Rome when those slaves decided they'd had enough?

I may not have the most witty Angry-Blog-Post, but I hope I'm not alone out there in thinking Congress is far overdue for an attitude adjustment. Maybe not being able to pay their electricity bill on time will change their tune.

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