Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Werd From the Nerd: New Blog Site and Holiday Calendar

Hello again, Readers.

The New Squealing Nerd Website

I am proud to announce that the rapid progress made by the Drunken Coder is bringing our new website to near completion. We have only a few more details to work out for small matters before we can begin posting in earnest. We are also in the process of populating the archives section. At the insistence of my web designing husband, we will be keeping the JQuery Music player, but we won't be playing all of my favorite music all the time. We are currently constructing a system in which subscribers may make playlist suggestions on a monthly basis. You can go see our progress on the new Squealing Nerd website at my own domain,

I say "We" and "Us" as if there were more than one of me now. Well, that's because there are more writers than just me now. The Squealing Nerd is currently in the process of developing a whole staff of writers. The latest staff acquisitions are Zarissa Cline, my webcomic officionado and best friend of 6 years. Zarissa is an amazing writer, and if you think her quiet features are shy and unassuming, you would be very wrong, especially if you cross her at Dungeons and Dragons. She is as quick with a keyboard as she is with a d20. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us. She is currently getting her Graduate degree, and so will leave us from time to time, but we can always hope for her return. She has been deeply involved in webcomics for years, and will be bringing that knowledge--as well as a great deal more--to The Squealing Nerd.
Hugest Fan Ben Balentine, seen here,
trying to expound his delight at meeting Neil Gaiman.

I cannot wait to see everyone over at the new website. The Blogger site will go down officially once all of the archived posts have been migrated. I will give you plenty of notice here when you should be expecting that, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

What to Expect for the Holiday Season

As the Holiday season continues, we can expect several happy things. The Ninth Day of the Month is tomorrow and it will be Holiday themed. I will be starting a blog event next week in which I will feature a quote from an author about Christmas. It usually lots of Charles Dickens, but I'll try to mix it up a little. Also, I will be following that with an example of why I dislike the Holidays, though my spirits are not as Bah Humbug as you might expect.

And as if we weren't exploding with enough Holiday cheer, The Doctor Who Christmas special is almost upon us. Check back often as I try to keep up with the goods on this one.

Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in South Texas, as the weather has been bellow freezing almost every night this week. My Christmas tree is up and decorated, and Starbucks was running their red cup design almost  before Thanksgiving was over. As Bah Humbug as I might feel these days, I cannot help but put on Trans Siberian Orchestra and jam out to the best Christmas music there is.

I'll be back all this week and next with new material. Thanks for reading!

The Nerd

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