Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Werd From the Nerd: Change of Local

For those few of us who remain frustrated that--among the many things they have learned to do in their short 26 years--HTML remains largely out of reach, I say build a new website for yourself.

And so I am. 

I have long wondered at my inability to properly customize Blogger's UI. Despite the fact that there are many features of Blogger that I like--checking stats, keeping a reading list, Google AdSense--there are somethings I'm unhappy with. I also noticed that several of the well-known authors I follow have their own domains. With that in mind, my glorious drunken coder husband set out to purchase If you click on the link right now you will find some very crude lay-out and a play button you can push to play a piece written by my father-in-law, James Balentine. Its not ready. Its far from ready. But its coming, and when it does, it will be convenient and fun, with many more pages and lots more nerdiness, on top of the fact that I have been practicing css to make it all so very "Me." 

I will re-announce the coming of the new blog home when I deem it fit for visionary perusal. 

As a reminder, The Nerd is on Twitter at @SquealingNerd and Facebook at The Squealing Nerd page.

I hope everyone's holidays are going well. Keep checking back as my holiday calendar includes a "Ninth Day of the Month" and the gift of Christmas quotes from Charles Dickens and many more. 

The Nerd


  1. Good luck getting the new site up and running!

    I'm pretty luck to have a hubby who used to work in web design, so I'm getting my own website built right now too!(This one being for a webcomic that I plan on releasing soon). Working in html seems to be a frustrating process, so I'm sure my husband Josh would be sympathetic with you guys. :P It seems even the most minor error in coding can cause a design gaffe. :P

  2. Thanks Rachel. I hope your webcomic is successful. Among the many other half-baked ideas I had, I wanted to produce a web comic too.

    Design gaffes keep my husband entertained, as I am prone to panic. I'm sure I could be making him rich on YouTube right now if he were to record me coding.