Friday, November 4, 2011

A Werd from the Nerd: On the Road Again...

The Squealing Nerd is going on the road again this week, this time to lovely, historic Charleston, South Carolina. Its tame by the standards of last weekend, when we went to stupid-haunted, historic New Orleans, Louisiana. I'll be visiting and blogging some very interesting, nerdy sights and possibly some original fiction in the process. I have decided to reboot--again--a long piece of fiction I'm working on called The Lord of the Plague. It is pretty original if I do say so myself.

Bet you didn't know I could ride a horse.
Well, I can!
But back to the traveling. This week's stay is prompted by more than just an acute case of Wanderlust. While it is impossible for me to stay in one place very long (i.e. home), I despise extensive traveling. If I do not have to leave my home city, I don't, except for the occasional vacation. I love going places and seeing things, but hate riding in the car, planes scare me and the train is expensive. That in mind, I'll be hitching a ride on a death-machine in San Antonio tomorrow and returning on a death-machine Saturday the 12th of November. The purpose of this year's long weekend is to visit my mother-in-law's family in the south east for a little get-together called Cuzzins Week. The Eargles, Hamiltons, Putnams and many other branches of the family tree get together and celebrate their family history, home cooking, knitting and whatever else they do. This is my second trip to see the Cuzzins, and I hope this year will be as enjoyable as last year was. And don't get me wrong, last year there was some discomfort. Ice was being broken. Assumptions were made. But overall, I think we were vastly contented to be among each other, and I love spending time with my mother-in-law, the indefatigable Cindy Balentine. Last year's adventures included horseback riding on the beach, fresh ice cream from Cuzzin Cheri, and my husband's Aunt Vivian's reunion with her estranged son and her grandchild. This year there are sights to be seen, people to meet and a whole lot of reading to get done. 

What to expect from the Nerd

Basically it will be business as usual. The Ninth Day of the Month fast approaches, and I have a book review of Titus Awakes that I will be glad to share with you. I was finally able to finish Maeve Gilmore's "lost book of Gormenghast" yesterday, and can't wait to give you the spill. For what its worth, it was good fiction, and I'll explain my general confusion towards the novel on The Ninth. Patrick Rothfuss and Gene Wolfe will be on the reading block this week as I barrel through my much increased reading list. 

 I would like to introduce two pieces of fiction I am working on for the reading pleasure of anyone wishing to comment. I am working on the script for a series of comics that is so far without title, but has been growing in my head for some time. Also, I have been reconsidering vast portions of the story The Lord of the Plague, which I hope to send for publication sometime in the next year. 

News and Views

I will try to post pictures and brief blogs about where I go and who I'm with. Also, Cuzzin Elizabeth will be joining us this week, and hopefully she will sit down with me to go over the family tree as it leads up to Vlad Tsepes on the Hungarian female line. I've never looked forward to anything so fascinating...and fan-girly.

Speaking of news and Cuzzins, a relation of mine, not quite a cousin, but still a relation, published a novel. Its called Merciful, and you can go to her website and blog at

That's all I have for now. See you all as I continue my weird and selective tour of the Deep South.

The Nerd

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