Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Werd From the Nerd: And Thus the Manuscript is Sent...

The deadline for the Blizzard Global Writing Contest is at hand. I have finished and submitted my story to the contest and delightedly await the decision, which should take some time. Until then, I will perpetually hang by metaphorical tenterhooks.

I would like to thank the many readers who have partaken of, commented on and enjoyed "A Warlock's Work". It was so much fun sitting down to write and flesh out the character of Zennith and his friends. I hope, though daring to hope is at best optimistic and at worst presumptuous, to present Zennith to you again in the form of Blizzard publication. I worked extremely hard on this story, now called "Zul'Ftagn: The Barrow-Caller", and spent many wonderful hours at Starbucks, using writing as an excuse to get coffee--or vice-versa. It was, as you will recall, my chance for redemption for the horrible, lame excuse for a badly-written story I submitted in the spring of 2009.

Unfortunately, my submission to the contest has forced me to comply with all of the submission rules and standards. The story, "Zul'Ftagn: The Barrow-Caller" is now property of Blizzard Activision and cannot be any longer printed for public viewing as "fan-fiction", not even in its previous incarnation as "A Warlock's Work." I am, as of this morning, removing all blog posts and chapters related to the short story in order to remain eligible for the contest.

Thanks again to my story enthusiasts and regular readers. I would like to thank our friend Von over at GAME OVER for his feedback and support early on. I would like to thank my good friend Zarissa Brewer for her time spent in editing and support. I thank also my husband Ben Balentine for his last minute grammar checks. For everyone who loves World of Warcraft as much as I do, getting the opportunity to add our characters to the extensive roll-call kept by our mutual lore-keepers is really an honor.

Keep your fingers crossed, and remember to check in with Blizzard in the next few months to see who will win the title of Global Writing Contest Winner! Keep your fingers crossed for Zennith.

For the Horde!

The Nerd

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