Monday, October 10, 2011

A Werd From the Nerd: 1,000 Page Views and Counting

As September ends and October begins, I cannot help but remember my progress in the last eight months since The Squealing Nerd first came into being. Now, as usual, I am proud to announce that The Squealing Nerd exceeded 1,000 page views this week. I cannot tell you how happy I am that, though my posting as been somewhat lax of late, that people continue to read my past blog entries and are interested in my new ones. Thank you all for stopping by my little corner of the cloud.

I am proud to continue bringing up-to-date nerd news (excepting Doctor Who, which I am sad to say is in a gross state of back-log). It seems the more successful I become, the worse my discipline gets. I try to remedy that with more work, thinking that I have become "unmotivated." Lets just say, that kind of "motivated" is somewhat self destructive. I think my readers have noticed, and I hope will forgive, my current state of what might be termed negligence on my part. I apologize for not being more on the ball, but I hope a small amount of  explanation will clear that up.

Though I have been unusually busy, there is always that in life which tends to bring reality to a screeching halt; there is that in life which calls for every thing to be cast into stark contrast, and for us to take several good long looks in the mirror and decide what is real. I speak, of course, of the death of a family member. On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, a good man was taken from my family forever under the most horrifying circumstances. Lawrence W. McGee--endearingly referred to by his nieces and nephews as Uncle Larry McGee (I have two uncles named Larry. Oddly enough, I have two cousins named Matthew)--was hit by a pick up truck and killed while he was biking on a farm road just south of Anderson Loop 1604, not quite in San Antonio, but in a little annex called Elmendorf. My nuclear family (my aunts, uncles and cousins) on my father's side has, heretofore, only known the loss of two members. My uncle's sudden and untimely death at the age of 59 has given my entire family and a great many friends pause. McGees are singular in that we have an uncanny ability to move on, and so, two days later, I find myself nearly whole again. My family, however, is missing a beloved uncle, brother and father. I will be following this post with a much more in-depth remembrance of my uncle.

And yet the world at large has also lost a great man this week. Steve Jobs died, finally succumbing to cancer. In light of my uncle's death, the loss of one of mankind's greatest inventors and achievers did not fall silently upon my ears. As much as I will miss my uncle, I cannot help mourning Jobs' death as well, and I know that I am not alone. This afternoon, I was listening to the radio on KVET in Austin, where someone had mixed "Live Like You Were Dying" with a speech from Steve Jobs', saying that we must do what we love, and that we should, "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." For those who do not know, Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple and is responsible for the iPhone, Mac and iPad. The world will never be the same again.

In spite of all that has been going on, I feel compelled now more than ever to keep doing what I'm doing. I am excited to be able to bring you a review of Titus Awakes in the next few weeks. Blizzard's Global Writing Contest is approaching its deadline, and I am almost through with my story. This is why I have stopped writing posting "A Warlock's Work." Hopefully, even Zennith Shadow Blast will find closure, and we can move on to his other adventures. Though I am close to finishing the story, it is not progressing the direction I would have liked, and will require extensive re-writes. In the all-too-likely reality that I will not be chosen as the winner of the contest, I will post the finished short story as a blog post for all to see--provided I don't get honorable mention. I'm optimistic.

Also, I will be finishing a count-down of the last four episodes of season 6 of Doctor Who. I have seen up to the season finale, and no excuse can be offered as to why I haven't posted yet. I'm a bum. That's all I got.

In addition to finishing my sleeve in December, I am also working with an artist in San Antonio--if she'll have me--on a tattoo commemorating the deaths of my grandfather and uncle. Pictures will come in the order that they are received.

All Hallow's Read will also commence as planned. I have a great many books to talk about. Some well known, some not. I hope everyone is ready to freaked out by some truly awful stuff.

Thank you again, Readers. I look forward to writing all rest of October. Don't forget to check in October 29th and 30th as I will be posting in costume in glorious New Orleans. I'm dressing up as The Grave-robber from Repo: The Genetic Opera. We'll be visiting a graveyard, fencing the Crescent City Open, rolling the slot machines in Herrah's hotel and casino and clawing our way back from Halloween weekend on Bourbon Street. If you  never hear from me again after that. I didn't make it back. Have a great week and a great evening!

The Nerd

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