Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Ninth Day of The Month..."--Eh, Close Enough

I'm not getting lazy, I swear...well that's a total lie, but I think you get the picture.

I was back in San Antonio for the Ninth, eating at Luby's, home of the mediocre food and elderly people who really know how to pick a fight with people who don't want a salad. I went down to visit my family. My uncle was killed Tuesday October 4th. There was a small  mass in which he was mentioned. My aunt had everyone over for lunch afterwards. I was unable to attend, and it seemed none of my cousins went either. I am not surprised. My uncle did not wish for a service. Many of us were unable to take off of work or gather up the kids in order to attend a one-hour mass in which he was only mentioned. We will, of course, meet sometime before Christmas. Until then, we have Facebook, and its the most useful that particular site has been to me in a long time.

This week, and the days leading up to our favorite day of the month, have been Hell in the very sense of the word. It has been difficult to get back into the swing of things. Even what little work I have been doing has seemed insurmountably hard. I went out with friends to prove that I was myself. I stopped writing, canceled my contracts and dropped my hobbies. This is only a fraction of the pain my cousins, my uncle's children, must be feeling.

I have recently forced myself to begin my routine again. I have turned in my work for a small SEO contract and began another contract. The fact that I have a little income is very comforting, though employment of a more steady type would be preferable.

The finished product.
Click to see it bigger.
I finished my vinyl model of Gary Oldman as Dracula, a month after I began it. They all mocked me because I started work on a model that was very important to me, so important to me that I became very nervous when someone touched it. They laughed because, well, it was the first model I had ever painted. Naturally, I should have started on something less meaningful. When you are in the aisle buying acrylic paint, you don't think about how important the model is, but how bad-ass its going to look as part of your Dracula montage bookcase exhibit in the hallway by the bedroom. And it looks amazing.

I am working on my Blizzard Global Writing Contest. As I stated previously, it is almost finished, and as I--perhaps vainly--hope to be nominated for one of the honorable mentions, I have stopped posting chapters of "A Warlock's Work". For those of for whom that work is never done, it was getting a little old. We can move onto his later and earlier exploits once the results are in. Fingers crossed, Readers...

This belated Ninth Day of the Month post is brought to us Hellsing Ultimate and Samurai Champloo. Anime season seems to have descended upon my house. Its really my favorite time of year. Halloween season also means...Subspecies re-watches and All Hallow's Read. I will be following this post with an All Hallow's Read post to get the ball rolling.

Happy Belated Ninth Day of the Month! I hope this month will be as fun-filled and frightening for you as it will be for me!

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