Friday, September 9, 2011

"The Ninth Day of the Month..."

Happy Ninth Day of the Month, readers! Today has been a strange day. Good, but strange.

He looks so cool, and he's
not even done yet.
As another Ninth is upon us, and almost over, I am sitting in my kitchen staring at a gorgeous vinyl model of Gary Oldman as Dracula, basecoated with red and white acrylic, waiting for the NyQuil to kick in. I reckon we got about twenty minutes. I will use this time to reflect upon how my day has been. The smoke from the fire was less irritating today. However, the fight to contain the fires in Bastrop rages on, and Magnolia has issued a cancellation of all Texas Renaissance Fair grounds activities until further notice, as there is currently an evacuation in effect. In the mean time, I have been sick for the past four days. The NyQuil is slowly easing my transition from a day wrought with sore throat and congestion to a night of sleeping with my mouth open as my nose takes turns being stopped-up and runny.

Yummy. That's the NyQuil talking.

The model kit is from the Screamin' series, who also brought us several renditions of Pin Head from Hellraiser. The basecoat is red and white and will take at least one more coat of each before moving on to the "wash" stage, where we let black and tan colors mixed with water find all the nooks and crannies in his skin, clothing and hair. Next comes detail and the finishing touches. I actually bought the model from a comic book store when I was in high school. I started putting him together, but never finished. I was afraid I would mess him up, and he was not cheap. I think in 2001 I spent $82 on him. I am very much looking forward to finishing him over the next couple of days.

My husband just handed me a hash brown smothered in tomato bisque with feta and basil. It will be the appetizer for the small dinner party I am throwing tomorrow to commemorate our settling into our new apartment, and its impressive library, complete with signed artwork by Bob Eggleton and Brian Lumley from Horror-Conn 2010, my statue of "Thibor Rising" and my collection of nerdy nick-knacks. I will be serving Julia Childe's Beef Burgundy Stew. I wrote it in English because I lack the presence of mind necessary to look up how to spell it in French.

I'm fading fast, readers. How do you like this blog post for train-of-thought creative non-fiction?

The Ninth of this month is also being heralded as the Friday before 9/11, a thought that prompted UT Austin to play the National Anthem on the bells of the clock tower. For those who were privileged enough to have heard it, it was spectacular. I am reminded that we are very lucky to live in a country so valiantly protected by their finest men and women, and also that this country is itself a protector: of freedom of press, freedom of speech and freedom of religion among the many other rights we enjoy and take for granted each day. This weekend, ten years from the attack in 2001, will find me at a memorial in Pflugerville with my sister, honoring those who suffered the wrath of terrorists, who paid for each and every one of our freedoms with their lives, who were slaughtered without honor in their places of business on a morning just like every other morning, until the sky came crashing down on them. I don't have to wonder at this, but I know many of my readers will be doing something similar on Sunday.

I hope everyone had an awesome a Ninth Day of the Month as I did, sick or not sick. May your evening be pleasant, your kitties be itty bitty, your dreams uneventful and your eggs be blue, not red. Goodnight, readers.

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