Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gaiman Begins a New Literary Halloween Tradition

Look out Great Pumpkin, Neil Gaiman has a few surprises in store for his friends this Halloween, and it has prompted several well known sites, such as, to spread the fear around.

The idea is this: instead of giving the multitudes candy--stuff that we all love but will wish we never knew existed--we give scary stories and books. A novel idea, really--pun totally intended.

The Squealing Nerd is delighted to announce that we--and by that I mean I--am taking up the tradition as well. Every day during the month of October (including The Ninth), I will post a scary quote here on the blog, as well as on my SN Facebook group (with a link), and will include a brief synopsis and possibly even artwork. This is less expensive than, say, buying out HPB's entire stock of Dracula novels (though don't get me wrong, I'd love a Saberhagen revival--but most of his stuff is out of print).

The really amazing part is that The Squealing Nerd will be able to do this twice from its stronghold in the ghastly grave-yards of New Orleans this October 29th and 30th. I am going as the Grave-Robber from Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera--against the wishes of my friends, who think I should go as the Repo Man. I definitely look forward to participating in this tradition...that we just made up...and that I'm backing up with this picture of me with Neil Gaiman to cement this occasion in history.

Neil Gaiman with Ashley and Ben at Horror Conn 2010 in Brighton.
Photo courtesy of the guy behind us. Thanks again for all you do
Mr. Gaiman!

You can participate in's giveaways as well as free fiction during the month of October.

The more in-depth details, as well as helpful tips, are available here:

Happy Reading!

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