Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Werd From The Nerd: What's Happenin' Austin?

Well, folks and Internet savvy cow pokes, The Squealing Nerd's time in San Antonio is drawing to a close. As I may have stated in earlier blog posts, I have been actively seeking employment in Austin, Texas for the past several  months, and despite recent failure (which I take and don't take personally in turns), I am still Hell-bent-for-leather to get to next Monday!

"So, Ashley, what does that mean for the blog?"

My humble but able blog will probably be going on hiatus for a week until we can get everything sorted out between living spaces. I will try to get a new chapter of "Warlock's Work" up before we depart. However, I also wanted to say a few more things regarding my other monthly and weekly blogs before signing off.

"The Ninth Day of the Month..."

This blog will probably be a day late, as I have to be back in San Antonio for jury duty. I will be stuck in the freezing meat locker they call the Bexar County Courthouse all day, with only my books to keep me warm. Fortunately, this will give me ample time to read and review Moorcock's latest masterpiece, which I have been looking through and reading, though I haven't had time to write the review. Thanks to the judicial system, I now have that chance. Thanks San Antonio for giving me jury duty!

"A Warlock's Work"

"A Warlock's Work" is quickly approaching a climax, though I'm not sure when. It came to my attention, as I was re-reading it, that my last chapter was really more draft-like than I would have considered print-worthy. I will be making changes to that chapter and republishing it in the same archive it is currently in. A new chapter is also quickly wending its way to the Internets. It will more than likely be coming late, possibly next week, as this is my last week at Papouli's and so therefore am obliged to work double shifts. I am overworked, and as of Sunday, unemployed. On the bright side, I should have plenty of time to write after we get to Austin.

Other News

I was going to do a blog celebrating my last days at Papouli's. Unfortunately, between packing and moving, I will also be working (not that I mind), so whatever time I'm not spending at the Paps will be spent doing the other two things necessary to secure a new situation in Austin. Also, I have been informed by Happy Campers lead vocalist Ken Burchenal that their website will be available sometime this week if all goes well. I will be on hand to help with implementation in case stuff starts to get screwy. It always does, you know. Also, the Happy Campers will be at The Poodle Dog Lounge in Austin, Texas August 19. The show usually starts after nine. Poodle Dog is a pretty laid back little dive bar, so plenty of drink and good music for all.

I'm really excited about moving to Austin, and as I get closer to the intellectual hub of Texas (it aint big but its all we got), new surprises are in store for The Squealing Nerd, as I hope to expand to include more writers. with readership expanding to new places and people every day, one person could not hope to keep up with my agenda. Hell, I can't even keep up with my own agenda. New writers will mean new weekly additions, new fiction and more nerds!

Also, new readers can check out previous and currently running chapters of "A Warlock's Work".

So, thanks for reading everyone, and I hope to see all my usual peeps back here next week starting on the Ninth. Have a great week!

And that's just one room of my exploding apartment!

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