Friday, August 19, 2011

A Werd From the Nerd: The Decision to Monetize

I thought it only fair to explain myself before proceeding. I have been entertaining the idea of monetizing the blog for quite some time. Through serious deliberation and a number of personal and Facebook polls, I have decided to go ahead and monetize the blog through my Google Adsense account.

My first attempt to generate even the slightest amount of income that might benefit the blog and enhance its content came in the form of Paypal donations for the Doctor Who episode reviews. Even after I knew I would have no takers I continued making the donation button available for anyone who wished to donate to my cause, which was acquiring funds to buy a subscription for legitimate cable television. If anyone should still wish (and I mean this in the best possible way) to donate to that particular cause, you have only but to go to any of my Doctor Who review posts to relay your assistance. I also tried reaching out as a contractor, only to find that anyone willing to use my basic services was unwilling to pay for it. Sad, but someone is always trying to get something for nothing.

The reasons for taking this next step forward in the life of The Squealing Nerd are manifold. On the one hand I can continue to try and visit shows, go to concerts and see movies on my own money. However, I have been out of a job for almost two weeks. However, without any income, I cannot afford to continue reviewing anything out of my own pocket, nor can we afford the cable television subscription that would bring us Doctor Who. This means no more tattoo expos (or tattoos for that matter), no more movies, no concerts someone does not pay my way for (such as tonight at The Happy Campers) unless I find some way to gather income that would enable me to produce content. On the other hand, I could monetize the blog and use that income continue funding my content-generating hobbies. More income means more content, and vice versa.

What prevented me from doing this earlier is that I was in fear of losing loyal readers based on the fact that I would now have clunky adds eating up my free space. However, after much talking, polling and coercing, I discovered that not too many of my acquaintances would be overwhelmed beyond endurance if they saw one or two banner ads on a blog or website. This was reassuring to me, and thus influenced my decision to monetize. For anyone that does not agree, I am sorry, and that I hope a few simple, well-placed ads won't interfere too much, since the majority of the people I asked said they ignore ads anyway.

As always, my readership is hugely important to me. I would not take this step (a step I consider to be very annoying) if I could continue to run this blog on my own income. I will hopefully be able to remove my ads once I have a better situation in life, i.e, a job. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to The Squealing Nerd. Keep checking back, as I do have more content coming as I get settled into the weirdest city in the world, Austin, Texas.

The Nerd

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