Friday, August 26, 2011

In Response to Google Searches 2

Anyone familiar with Blogger can track their page views based on what kind of search is being run that brings up the blog site on Google's search engine (thanks Google! *thumbs up, tongue out*). First of all, thanks to everyone who comes along to check out my little blog now situated north of the river in fabulous Austin, Texas.

A Blast of Gormenghast from the Past!

Stock photo from
The Overlook Press
Blogger has shown me, through its hideous third eye, that people have been searching Gormenghast lately. Well, do I have news for you guys! And there was no way this could have waited until the Ninth Day of the Month!

In June, released a notice in part of their "Fiction Affliction" blog foretelling the release of Maeve Gilmore's publication of "the lost book of Gormenghast" based off of a fragment of her late husband, Mervyn Peake's famous novel trilogy. Titus Awakes has fallen into my unemployed hands. The novel was published July 9, in honor of Peake's centenary birthday (alongside the release of Michael Moorcock's The Sunday Book). The story picks up en medias res of the plot of the first novel and includes all of our favorite characters: Steerpike, Fuscia, and Dr. Prunesquallor. Who's looking forward to Dr-Freakin'-Prunesquallor?

*Cough* A-hem, in any case, my reading list for the summer still includes a Jane Austen novel, so I am likely not getting to Titus Awakes until September. Fortunately, summer in Texas usually extends into September (sometimes even October). I look forward to reading and reviewing the novel for my reader's pleasure. Keep your eyes peeled for white rooks and your ear to the Stones.

Doctor Who Season Six Continued!

Excitement abounds as we look forward to the next half of Doctor Who season six. Many Google searches have been turning up my blog, as well as original screen shots for your viewing pleasure. For a full statement regarding Doctor Who see my post "Doctor Who Eve, like Christmas, and Bigger on the Inside!"

The Squealing Nerd!

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to The Squealing Nerd. Many, many more Google searches are turning up my blog by name, and I have you, my readers to thank for that!

Keep checking back. As the summer comes to a close, you never know what is going to happen that makes this nerd squeal.

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