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Doctor Who Eve, like Christmas, and Bigger on the Inside!

I recall looking forward to the summer break after "A Good Man Goes to War" with tears in my eyes. That's right, a whole two months between parts one and two of Doctor Who season six. This season of the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor has been harrowing and upsetting, with so many twists and turns in the plot and with amazing minds behind the scenes, such as genius Stephen Moffat, Matthew Grahame and personal hero Neil Gaiman ("The Doctor's Wife"). In addition to amazing writers, we also have the fabulously outlandish Doctor in Matt Smith, favored among Doctor incarnations. Throw Amy and Rory into the mix, toss in their baby--which is actually a Flesh copy of the real baby stolen by Kovarian--who is actually the Doctor's backward time travelling lover, River Song, pirates, aliens, The Silence and then start calling the Tardis "sexy" and you have only just scratched the surface of one of the most poignant and talked-about television series in the United States and the United Kingdom. Time to gear up for the next half of season six!

Doctor Who Eve: Like Christmas, only cheaper and no lines.

We left off in June with "A Good Man Goes to War", the blog review of which can be found in my June archive. The Doctor left his two companions and River and took off across the universe in search of their baby, Melody Pond (whom the Gamma people have named River Song). Confused yet? Neither am I. Because we haven't yet laid down the law about whether or not the Tardis is the impetus behind the dynamic screen writing or a catch-all designed to use time-travel as a plot device, it is hard to be confused. Just because River happens to be standing right there when the Doctor takes off to search for her does not mean he is off to search for the time-traveler that is River. The fact that so little of River is known can now be explored because she can be evaluated only in the present. Also, we should not forget that the first two episodes of season six involve the girl that we now know to be Amy and Rory's child, which, if the time-traveler plot should be believed, River should have known all along to be herself. Since River was investigating the child as well, we can only assume that River is not even that many steps ahead of the Doctor. The Doctor travels forward in time, while River travels backward. It could be that her own past remains largely unknown to her. There is so much potential in the coming episodes that excitement can hardly be contained. I know, you can't see me, but I can assure you, I'm excited!

If anyone should wonder why I don't immediately launch into a spoiler-filled Doctor Who Eve "Lets Kill Hitler" pre-evaluation its because I, like the rest of the world, enjoy surprise and don't like to be bogged down in the fan-page plot-killers. Many of you may follow Doctor Who news from the BBC (or have liked that page on Facebook and receive constant updates that must habitually be ignored for the sake of context). It would be unfair of me to continue talking about an episode we haven't even seen yet. However, I will  offer this tiny tidbit for contemplation: why, in the history of the known and re-defined universe hasn't anyone who had the means tried to go back in time and kill Hitler? Tomorrow night, well find out. And for anyone wishing to watch sneak-previews, get the low-down on the Doctor's companions, or need more fun ways to enjoy the Eve of Doctor Who, is doing a special on Amy Pond and has been running Doctor Who blogs and interesting side-bar additions all week (check out the Tardis corset) as well as previous season and Doctor incarnation re-watches. Enjoy.

"Yes, yes bigger on the inside!"

I like to think that  my Doctor Who blogs offer just a bit more than a plot synopsis and some cool pictures (which I would like to remind my Google AdSense reviewers and other interested parties, are usually all my own screen-shots, and those that I did not take myself are usually referenced in the captions). For those readers who are only just joining The Squealing Nerd, I'll recap.

Basically, my DW blog is boiled down into the major sections: I try to introduce the episode with a memorable quote, then explain the reasons why this particular episode left me feeling the way it did. Next comes a brief but detailed plot synopsis. After that, because I am a writer myself, I like to explore the writing of the episode a bit and discuss interesting plot twists, the fictional timeline (important since it often changes) and awesome quotes. I try to only speculate about the episode and episodes that came before it as reference, since a lot can be said about an episode that is essentially heresay (like when everyone thought the kid in "The Impossible Astronaut" was Amy and the Doctor's. I don't do fan-girl gossip). I usually wrap up after that, unless I'm doing a Double Whammy or something else interesting comes up. 

As you can see, I have chosen to monetize the blog (see "A Werd From the Nerd: The Decision to Monetize"). I did not undertake this lightly. I would much rather not use advertising to pay for the blog. I have attempted, and will attempt again, to start a campaign to earn income to increase blog accuracy and timeliness by getting cable television, which is not cheap no matter where you live. A donate button can be found at the bottom of each episode review and at the bottom of all prior episode reviews. Anyone wishing to donate to the Doctor Who Cable Television fund is more than welcome to, and I thank you. The proceeds will only benefit my readers, as my blog is often late because I have to find a legitimate way to view the episode. 

I look forward to watching and reviewing the next half of season six. I encourage everyone who has a Gmail account to post comments on the reviews to further discussion. Thanks to all of my readers, and I hope you will all join me tomorrow night to watch Doctor Who season six episode eight, "Lets Kill Hitler".

The Doctor is a time lord of Gallifrey who has traveled for over nine hundred years across the universe in a sentient time-traveling box, the Tardis, adventuring in many incarnations and with many companions. Tensions have been high all season, but none so high as when the Doctor sets off to search for Amy and Rory's baby. Will he find her? Will our questions be answered? The mystery continues tomorrow night on BBCA.  

The Doctor Who Cable Television Fund

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