Tuesday, July 12, 2011

500 Page Views and Counting

Hmm, this is an old picture.
You know, I originally started this blog so that my co-workers would know a little bit more about all the stuff I was talking about. Now I've come to think of this blog as sort of an institution, like afternoon tea (well not really) or whatever else you might do or check every day. Thanks to all of my wonderful readers, The Squealing Nerd hit 500 page views yesterday. Oddly enough, that 500th page view was added as I was sitting in the lobby of the company I want to work for. I was there for a job interview when I checked my stats one more time--followed by Facebooking how excited I was to be at an on-site interview. Low and behold some anxious viewer, or wayward Internet traveler lost at sea, or image thief--whatever the case may be--clicked on my little page to see what there was to see, read what there was to read, or steal what there was to steal (welcome to the Internet). Whatever the reason anyone has for stopping by (a happenstance that is occurring more and more frequently) I am still grateful, and I thank everyone, especially my Facebook viewers and Von, who has graciously accepted my invitation to pick my World of Warcraft fan-fic apart. I'd also like to give a special shout out to our international readers, who have made a global demographic something that I've come to expect and rejoice in.

Up and Coming at The Squealing Nerd

Summer of Khan
Gratuitous chest shot.

Summer of Khan continues with To Reign in Hell and The Wrath of Khan itself. A full analysis is in the works, including how I felt about the book, its close connection to the movie and the acting style of Ricardo Montalban. Spoiler alert, there will be gratuitous chest shots of Montalban. The Summer of Khan was inspired by my long-time love affair with Star Trek. Though I often prefer The Next Generation over the original series, I have been swept back in time and have been enjoying Kirk and Spock, even though I find Kirk a little twitchy and Spock a little quirky. I am a child of TNG and often find the original series boring and full of politically incorrect faux pass. We'll just chock that up to my raising, and enjoy the original series' best and brightest star, Ricardo Montalban.

The X:Files Re-Watch

I have not given up! However, Netflix is trying my patience, bumping up their subscription rates to a grand total of $26 a month for streaming and DVD by mail. Since we will only be in our current residence for a month, my husband and I have decided to cut the DVD by mail part, leaving us with only a $10 a month subscription charge. This puts a damper on The X:Files re-watch as I can only get up to season four streaming to my Playstation 3. I don't think we'll go through the first three seasons of The X:Files that quickly, at the rate of one episode a week, but who knows when they will change their minds. As it is, we only get season one of Fantasy Island even by mail. To anyone reading this because they Google searched "Netflix subscription", I say to you that we are going to stage a coup, a coup so great and powerful (and hopefully bloody) that it will force corporate owners not to screw with their constituency, who out-numbers Netflix managers by a significant margin. Thanks, Netflix, for giving me a reason to go back to cable television, as if I didn't already have quite a few. The X:Files re-watch will officially begin next week with Season 1, the pilot episode.

Jane Austen Summer Reading List

Another summer is rapidly winding its way through the sunny, steamy town of San Antonio, and you know what that means: its time to pick up my yearly Jane Austen novel. This year on my list is Emma, having already read Northanger Abby, Pride and Prejudice, and Mansfield Park. Of the seven Austen novels left to my adult life, Emma, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, and that other one I can't remember the name of. We may peruse the others in a re-read series, but for the moment, Emma is our summer block-buster. Men of a certain prejudice and social disposition toward convoluted sentence structure, feminine viewpoints and opinions, country dancing, wit and words no longer employed in contemporary English need not apply.

Dungeons and Dragons

I took exhaustive notes on my friend Ricky's re-run of his old Astellia campaign while we sat around his living room floor making sure his kids didn't steal our chips on the 4th of July. This latest group, who has officially been dubbed Team Sodomy, consists of new friends, old acquaintances and an entire cast of fourth edition characters. As usual, Mr. Richard Perez, beta tester for Paizo (Pathfinder) and Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition), has pulled out all the stops in this slave-stealing, dog-punting, pope-killing, low-rolling, super-fun campaign. The Fourth of July DnD-athon will be featured as soon as I can bring myself back under control long enough to write the article. Some of my fondest memories of college were sitting around a table at a buffet while running the Astellia campaign from second edition, where we still rolled for  luck checks and a natural 0 still resulted in essentially eating yourself, the only way to preserve your honor.

Speaking of Luck Checks...

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed at what could possibly be the Big Girl Job my family and myself have always been hoping for. As we await the results of  my face-to-face interview, I will be taking the time to look back on my nearly five years worth of a career in the Greek food industry. Some of my best friends have worked alongside me at Papouli's Greek Grill, and it would be a profound disservice to them if I did not address the many years of shared pain, laughter, grease burns, pita checks and impromptu line karaoke. I will also, for the viewing pleasure of interested parties, be covering the sixth annual Papouli's employee party, should I be invited if I no longer work there by July 25th. Here's hoping, anyway.

Subspecies the Reboot

The eighties called. They want their
hair back
*Sharp intake of breath* Not going as well as I'd like. Unfortunately, there is no way to get in touch with Charles Band directly. I will have to use several channels of rejection before being able to ask permission to write the novelizations of the movies, with way more detail to boot. Convincing Band that this is a good idea will not be easy, especially because I have reason to believe that this is a risky venture, and that Charles Band is willing to take risks, but not where his money is concerned. The hunt is on, and already I am hearing nasty rumors that Band is having legal disputes with some of his directors. Until I can get more solid details, this is merely hearsay, and if Mr. Band--via this blog, since you can't contact him on his blog--is willing to dispute that, he is more than welcome. I, personally, would like to think that we could work out an agreement that would benefit us both, one where I could exercise my creative genius (reasonably speaking) on a character set and setting worthy of a lot more attention and Band could make something of a profit and perhaps see a renewed interest in his, and Ted Nicolaou's, films. I'm not just in it for the money, though if someone wanted to give it to me, that would be friendly of them. I have a dream, so to speak, that I would like to see come true. Funding ideas are still up in the air, by the way...

"A Warlock's Work" Continues

Mozenrath wants you!
Its never done, so they say, but we're speeding right along through this World of Warcraft fanfiction. This week we will feature Chapter 5. No spoilers whatsoever. I want it to be a surprise. Suffice it to say that Zennith never truly leaves a place until its consumed itself and that Mace was right: there are always women were quests are concerned. Look for the next chapter of "A Warlock's Work" either tomorrow or Thursday, and for new viewers, be sure to check out the archived chapters of "A Warlock's Work" found in the June section of the Nerd.

There's a lot more nerdy stuff where all of that came from. Here at The Squealing Nerd, we--and by that I mean me--can't wait to keep sharing our nerdiness. New artwork and graphics are also in the line-up as I explore the wonderful world of HTML and CSS. Lets keep rocking out with our socks out! I've enjoyed posting for the viewing pleasure of all and I'm looking forward to the next 500 page views.


--Ashley, The Squealing Nerd

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