Friday, June 17, 2011

Cataclysm Patch 4.2: Rage of the Firelands
And I am once again in a serious tizzy over the health and welfare of Thrall. The Horde leader, after trying frantically to search for a way to heal Azeroth, discovers that their problems have only just begun...

After lying to you about my involvement with Rise of the Zandalari, I feel it only prudent to withhold any gloating I might do on behalf of the ill-fated Mozenrath or his Alliance counterparts, Zak, Cthullhu and Nestor (that's right, all of my characters are men and non-human. Three out of four are DPS specced. Classist. Racist. Sexist. That's how I pun intended). Moz has made no discernible progress towards reaching 80. He sits at a woeful level 78 waiting for me to stop being irritated at the Wrathgate quests, come home from my six-week furlough at the in-laws (who are in possession of cable television and my kitten), and stop working thirty to forty hours in a sweltering Greek kitchen hell. Sadly, most of my procrastination stems from lack of fast internet connection and the irritation. At the rate I'm going, he will be level 80 and ready to move on before he even explores Icecrown. Of course, when I was leveling Cthullhu--in the good old days of WotLK--battle grounds did not yield so much experience. These days I'm tempted to just quit the grind on Moz altogether and opt for the honor-gaining, rep building, gear scoring alternatives.

Moving back to 4.2, though. If the trailer is any indication of what we can expect, the trials will not be for the faint of heart; the Molten Core will rise again. The warlord turned shaman, Thrall, begging the spirit world to hear him and accept his aid, gained an audience with Ragnaros. That sounds so journalistic. Contact was made, hearts were turned to ice in wave after wave of fire as Ragnaros showed Thrall a hideous future: the Horde sundered, the world drowned in flame. The message was clear: when Ragnaros returns, we will have no choice but to defend Azeroth as we know it, and the way we know Azeroth has been changing quite a bit lately. The rise of the Zandalari Empire and the destruction wrought by Deathwing are now coupled with this threat. Azeroth now faces a new challenge as an old hatred has finally reached cataclysmic levels...

Fear and valor resonate in the trailer. Excitement at encountering unheard-of enemies in a new, terrifying domain permeate the in-game teasers from Blizzard. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is heating up in this latest breath-taking content patch. Still reeling from Rise of the Zandalari, I'm not sure how long it will be before I have a chance to embark with my old master, Thrall, as we endeavor to do battle against an old foe bearing and even older grudge.

To see the full trailer, visit I can assure you: you are not prepared.

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