Tuesday, June 21, 2011

300 Views and Counting

Thanks to all of those peeps out there on Facebook, Reddit.com and the Internet, as well as everyone in RL, for helping The Squealing Nerd to get on its feet. As of June 20 The Squealing Nerd hit over 300 views, and the numbers are rising! Thanks to all our viewers, The Squealing Nerd has extended its demographic from that little blog on Facebook in South Texas to Germany, Canada, England and Australia. This is due in part to both the regular followers and those guys out to get cool Doctor Who intel. As I mentioned before, its not about the numbers, its about making sure you guys are getting what you came here for: good quality nerd stuff written by a self-proclaimed--though publicly lauded--sexy geek. I am personally looking forward to another great 300 views.

Speaking of the future, here's what's in the works as The Squealing Nerd strives to be the best nerd it can be.

X:Files Re-Watch

I lie about a lot of things, but I was not lying about this. An X:Files re-watch is in the works, though I'm still trying to find a way to justify re-watching season one when I'm so far into season two. I guess I'll just have to suck it up. I'm rethinking my tattoo idea, as well. I'm  not sure if I want to devote so much necessary real estate (and by that I mean skin) to a few small pieces of text. I may have to instigate a pole on this one.

Doctor Who 

Doctor Who is currently on summer break from the BBC. BBCA is re-running episodes from "The Impossible Astronaut" through "A Good Man Goes to War". New episodes will begin September 3 on the BBC, which should also bring them to The U.S., since they are airing on each other's heels (Tor.com). Doctor Who returns with "Lets Kills Hitler."

"A Warlock's Work" Chapter 2

Interest is mounting in my Elric/Moorcock tribute, "A Warlock's Work is Never Done". I'm happy to say that I haven't had any hate mail, but no feedback is bad feedback. As I mentioned, it is a fan fiction, and a work in progress. Anyone willing to give me a little advice in areas they feel are weak or problematic should not be afraid to speak up. So many people are unwilling to say that something sucks. Trust me, my tattoo artist says I have thick skin. Its okay, you can tell me it sucks--though several nice English major friends of mine have assured me that is not that bad.

The second chapter is in the editing and polish process for online publication. You should be seeing it relatively soon. Possibly when I get out of work today.

Speaking of Work: Gainful Employment

As I mentioned, The Squealing Nerd will be officially based in Austin, Texas as of August 8, 2011. I had an interview with an Austin company yesterday that, provided I don't blow chunks on the technical test and follow-up, may decide to hire me. There are no promises and I am not hedging my bets. I'm still taking technical writing and editing contracts via my email address and btw-services.com. The website is currently under re-design, so don't be surprised if its a little icky. I take everything these days from spreadsheets to full length manuscripts to technical manuals to proposals and grant writing. I am also easily found on the oDesk if anyone is interested.

Khan's Reign of Terror: The Eugenics Wars

A full review of The Eugenics Wars volume 2 will be up and available by the end of the week. Interest in this article came from several sources, so I'm not just doing this to further my own ends. However...

Apparently the Germans take this very seriously.
Uncharted Territory : 

Indeed, this is exactly the sort of thing I would do. The idea came to me while I was driving today--like they do--that I might take the story of Subspecies and reboot it. After all, it is 2011, the zodiac Year of the Reboot. Between Superman, DC Comic's new start and X-Men Origins, I feel like vampire fiction is getting left out. In the spirit of the reboot and in an attempt to find a voice as both a writer of new fiction and a lover of the old stuff, I am proud to announce my official attempt at contacting Full Moon Pictures to gain permission to write, and perhaps re-write, what I feel like is one of the best and worst vampire stories ever told. My attempt to write the novel versions of the movies comes as sort of ass-backwards, but hopefully adding new blood, so to speak, to the current lore will enhance the stories' standing in the genre.

My own screen shot from the first Subspecies
Enter Radu Vladislas. 

Radu Vladislas is more than an ugly dude with a rich daddy. Radu represents everything that vampire lovers have come to hate. As a vampire he is everything we fear: cunning, ruthless, decadent, and seemingly unstoppable. He is also loathsome, hideous and he has the worst table manners of any vampire I've seen since Starside. He is neither sexy nor lovable, and the market, I fear, has moved away from this sort of monster. The evil vampire has no place in fiction any more, according to Club Edward's recent press release. I beg to differ. I think the monster vampire needs to come out of exile and reclaim his/its former glory.

The rebirth and reboot of an entire section of genre does not come without its cost. As many people in the industry know, in order to begin soliciting manuscripts, one must first have permission to make changes to the existing product. This will most definitely involve purchasing some, if not all, of the rights to Subspecies before turning around to re-sell those rights in the form of a finished novel or novels. In the interest of raising money, I am not sure of which would work better, proposing a program on Kick Starter or linking a donation button here via Paypal. I will announce the official start of the project when I have more information. Anyone wishing to voice concerns, please do not hesitate to comment. All feedback is welcome.

Alamo City Tattoo Expo

The Squealing Nerd will be on hand at the Alamo City Tattoo Expo June 25 to review and discuss tattoo artists in and around the San Antonio area. Looking for a review of an awesome shop you saw or heard about? Come here first. I've been researching the tattoo scene in San Antonio for years. Don't waste your time on Google. I will be back on Monday with a review and break down some key shops in San Antonio that you won't want to overlook.

That's it for the nerd news. I'll be back later today and tonight to go into further detail about some of my on-going projects. As always, thanks for reading.

--The Nerd 

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