Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Werd from the Nerd

I have several updates I'd like to announce as well as several apologies to  make. I believe it was a young Yul Brenner that said, "I am not one to make excuses," but in this case I do believe several explanations are in order.

1) I would like to apologize for not posting a review for last week's Doctor Who. I have successfully procured episode three and will gladly cover both episodes two and three tonight. Hopefully this won't happen again.

2) I am well on my way to completing a contract for the band The Happy Campers, headed by University of Texas/Texas San Antonio English/Classics/Humanities professor Ken Burchenal. Through a series of stupid syntax errors, the JQuery player we're using for their website is no longer functioning. Once that is fixed, I'll post a  blog devoted to all things Campers. They have an awesome sound and look great on stage, despite whatever they may say to the contrary.

3) As many of you know, I'm a contract technical writer and I work in a restaurant part/full time. What many of you don't know is that in two months I'm moving my entire base of operations to Austin, Texas. In order to do that, I must find gainful employment. The search is the mean time I'm still taking contracts. If anyone is interested, all of my information is on this grossly inadequate website . Ignore the fact that the writing is awful, the pictures are horrible and some of the links lead to no where.

4) Friday afternoon my husband and I acquired a two-day old kitten from a friend of ours. She is now a mostly healthy four day old kitten. Currently she is being bottle-fed a combination of Pedialite and kitten formula, six milliliters every three hours. She sleeps on a heating pad with a pink flamingo. As of this afternoon she is unable to feed from a regular bottle (we're using a baby medicine syringe) or use the potty on her own. Entirely dependent on us for the basic necessities, she requires that her new parents sleep little and go virtually no where. That being said, I'll likely be posting rather sparingly for the next week or so, until her feeding schedule widens. We named her Tifa, the only FFVII character I couldn't fit on my sleeve tattoo.

Thanks for being so patient with the Nerd. I hope that patience doesn't wear too thin. See all of you tonight for a complete review and comentary on Doctor Who episodes two and three.

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