Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Werd From the Nerd: News and Updates

Kitty Madness!

Trust me, this is the face of evil waiting to happen.
I don't have a precious baby kitten anymore. I have a ball of furry madness that eats almost 60-75 milliliters of formula a day and poops almost that much (eeewww). She sleeps through the night now, thank heavens, but still requires a lot of attention during the day, which is why we're still staying at my in-law's house (that and Maintenance hasn't fixed my air conditioner yet). Today Tifa attacked my backpack. None of us thought it would do any good, but it is an ugly back pack. She got a bath for the first time today, as I continue to search for that one elusive flea. Not wanting to drown the little thing (Tifa, not the flea), I made sure to keep her head well above the water, which was only about two inches deep anyway. The pesky little parasite found its way into one of her ears, causing her intense irritation. She shook her head vigorously and the flea never even made an appearance until I started combing her fur out. It eludes me still. Anyway, had to go buy more Pedialite and latex gloves. The gloves make everything having do to with cleaning her much safer, both in terms of sanitation and the fact that her little baby claws have become little baby tattoo needles, only these don't ink flesh, they strip it.

Lateness of Doctor Who reviews, again!

I am exceedingly sorry, yet again, for the lateness of my Doctor Who reviews. Considering last Saturday's episode, "The Rebel Flesh" ended on a cliff hanger, I've decided to augment this week's tardy review with another double whammy next week, which will involve "The Rebel Flesh" and its sequel in both of their entireties, possibly saving us all a little time and anticipation. From what I understand, I really can't afford to shave any more years off of my life span stressing out about it. For anyone interested in helping me acquire cable t.v. complete with BBCA and Doctor Who, please visit one of my archived Doctor Who posts to donate to the Doctor Who Cable Television Fund.

A New Take on an Old Classic

I don't do enough nerdy things *ironic snort*, so I've decided to instigate yet another blog event: The X:Files re-watch! Re-watches are a popular part of Tor.com's retinue of interesting blogs and involve taking an entire series and breaking down each episode into tiny digestible tidbits of fun information and trivia. The point of my re-watch is to educate those unfamiliar with the series on plot, characters and the phenomena that inspire the show. Unfortunately I was well into re-watching season two before I had this idea. I'll cover season one (again) while I search for a place to get my X:Files tattoo done.

A Restaurant in Needs is Pap's Indeed

This is the part where some of you may gag at my professional journalistic attitude towards my arguably "underemployed" work status. Warning: shameless plugging ahead. I have not been asked to do this.

Many of you may be aware that I work part-time (or full-time, possibly even over-time) at a Greek restaurant here in San Antonio. That Greek restaurant, Papouli's Greek Grill, is greatly in need of intelligent, moderately experienced, mature team members interested in earning competitive wages and taking advantage of promotion opportunities while working for one of the most successful Greek restaurant chains in South Texas. Voted Reader's Choice Award in 2010 for Best Mediterranean/Greek Restaurant in San Antonio, Papouli's is growing rapidly, already hoping to launch a fourth restaurant sometime in the future (both where and when are currently undisclosed at the moment). Despite a heavy influx of new blood, more is definitely needed as current employees (both old veterans and  intrepid noobs) move on to other things.

Whether your interested in making  your career in an up-and-coming entrepreneurship or need a summer job to pay the bills until school starts, Papouli's has a place for all types of people, from high intensity positions like cook, coordinator and counter to low intensity positions like bus/dish and prep. Anyone in the San Antonio, Texas area who is interested in joining one of our three teams has only to log onto www.papoulis.com and apply to their desired store, or leave a comment for further direction.

Reviewing Made Sexy: Thor versus Pirates 4

Male readers need not apply to this purely fan-girl post unless you like to read shamelessly plugged masculine film reviews expounding upon the appearance and acting style of Tom Hiddleston and Johnny Depp as I compare the totally legitimate pros and cons of two blockbusting films of the summer, Thor and Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. Coming soon to a squealing nerd near you.

Thanks again to all my readers near and far for their patience as I repeatedly misplace my brain. I might not have many loyal fans or top of the line readership like Ray William Johnson (at least not yet), but I do appreciate every one of my page views. Thanks so much for coming by and perusing.

--The Nerd

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