Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Werd From the Nerd

Hello again, Guys, Gals and Geeks.

In light of last week's Doctor Who dilemma, I've decided to take a pro-active stance against professional bit torrenting. As many of you are aware, it is illegal in the United States to torrent files, even if those files are from an off-shore source. (Also I think the art of torrenting should be taken back and given to those who first began it. It would certainly cut back on the viruses...). In light of my clean permanent record, I come to you, the Nerds, to ask for help.

I'm asking for donations to help pay for cable television. I've been without cable t.v. for the last thirteen months, as it is too expensive for my husband and me on our current income. I want to continue bringing Doctor Who reviews to The Squealing Nerd, as well as other awesome television phenomena. Only you, my readers, can help me accomplish this.

Donating is not obligatory, but anyone who does donate can expect my personal thanks.

Thanks for reading,
The Nerd  

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