Friday, April 29, 2011

Something Dark Awaits...2011 World Horror Convention

The weekend of March 28 2010, the sleepy town on the Sussex coast awoke to the hustle and bustle of a stinging chill. Every day life progressed as usual: students coming and going, trains leaving and arriving bearing passengers traversing the further reaches of experience, bleary eyed but excited, toting luggage and writing pads, waving at the eyeless ghost on Main Street and tipping our hats to long dead sailors, downing vodka infusions in the North Laines...wait, eyeless ghosts? Long dead sailors? Writing pads? Aaaaaaaahhhh yessssss....

Brian Lumley reading his short story "The Thief Immortal"
The Brighton Shock: 2010 World Horror Convention kicked off its annual meeting at the Royal Albion Hotel in historic Brighton, England. According to convention leaders, it was the only World Horror Convention to date that had sold all of its available tickets. Rumor had it there was not enough alcohol on the premises to keep all of the Albion's patrons in drink, perhaps the most frightening thought all weekend. The Brighton Shock featured publishers and writers from across England and the United States. Hosted by Stephen Jones, editor of the Mammoth Books of vampires, ghosts and other short fiction, the convention's convenient geographical position allowed many authors to attend who would normally have let Horror Conn go grudgingly on its way. The 2010 World Horror Association's Life Time Achievement Award winner Brian Lumley had not attended a Horror Conn in years, and in 2009, Lumley and his wife were happy to immediately announce their intentions to attend, perhaps unwittingly setting the stage for the future wedding of a certain Nerd and her beloved... Great female vampire writer Nancy Kilpatrick held two hour writing workshops on Friday and Saturday. The dealer's room sold hard backs at ten pounds a piece depending on their worth and special guest Robert Jordan read from his latest novel while getting an even more important impromptu interview from unexpected special guest, Neil Gaiman. The unimaginable time of their lives was had by all who attended, especially Ingrid Pitt.

"With love and other Fragile Things"--Neil Gaiman
Now, in 2011, The Squealing Nerd is proud to announce that the World Horror Convention opened its doors yesterday at the Doubletree Hotel in historic Austin, Texas. The event began with opening ceremonies yesterday afternoon, though the Nerd is sad to say she will be unable to attend until tomorrow. Guests of honor this year include Vincent Chong, Brett Savory, Sandra Katsuri and Joe Lansdale with others along with Steve Niles, Joe Hill, and Sarah Langan. Panels will be held today and Saturday discussing topics related to the horror genre, publishing, and the future of the genre, generally speaking. The author's mass signing will take place at 7:00 pm and the dealer's room is open to all members. Weekend passes are $150 for Thursday-Sunday. For those wishing to attend on Saturday it will only cost $75, but for the dealer's room, I recommend bringing your ATM card, as it is a fabulous way to get dirt cheap hard backs to take to the mass signing tomorrow night. Don't forget to check out the Art Room for great, once-in-a-lifetime signed prints. Last year I acquired two Bob Eggelton prints from Necroscope and The Taint.

This year's event list is already huge. Lets make it bigger shall we? Remember, no one will be allowed in without purchasing membership, but after that you make come and go as you please. I didn't see his name on the list, but I'm brining my copy of Drood for Dan Simmons to sign, you know, just in case. Once again, Neil Gaiman has made no mention of attending the convention. The Horror Convention is a publisher's convention designed by horror fans for horror fans for the specific purpose of getting together and celebrating our craft.
To learn more about The World Horror Convention, visit their website at

The Squealing Nerd will be back Saturday night with all the latest convention news. Look for the girl with the giant Final Fantasy VII tattoo.

Something Dark Awaits in the Lonestar State! Can't wait to get there!

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