Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First and Foremost: A Werd from the Nerd

The Welcome Wagon Arrives...

No, no, don't all of you get up at once. It is only I, the Squealing Nerd, here to announce that after several months of owning a for-profit website that I have finally initiated a blog that is not likely to get me sued. Allow me to explain...

But first, a digression, as I must plug my wonderful sister-in-law LyzzBalentine of Balentine's Day. She is a fabulous writer and I encourage all to follow her as she and her husband ride their motorcycles across the Internet.

Now, as to what I was saying. My blog, as some may know, consists of reviewing print material, media, and events, as well as moments of mindless drivel, some of which I documented my self, and some of it that I borrowed for the purpose of sharing with everyone. I had no intention of making a profit from my blog reviews and do not intend to make money off of other people's work. Fortunately, my website's blog only got a few clicks before my GoogleAds campaign ran out. This blog will continue my work without being attached to the for-profit website from which I run my business.

That having been said, I suppose I should explain that I have been writing blogs that could not be posted and so have several that must now be uploaded. That's right. I'm going to squeal at you for a while. After today, the insane blogging should die down long enough for me to catch my breath and begin again next time.

For now, come freely, go safely, read what you will and leave some of the happiness you bring.

The Nerd

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